When to hire (or fire) your Marketing Manager

מתי להעסיק (לפטר) את מנהל השיווק שלך ? 


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When it comes to marketing, there are four stages in a startup's evolution, each require different marketing strategies, skills and tools.

You are either in product/market test phase, preparing for launch, looking to optimize or break into new markets. Each phase requires a different approach to marketing and a different type of marketing manager.

So here is your guide to who to hire (or fire) and when.

 About the speaker:

 Amit Lavi is the CEO and Co-founder of Marketing Envy, a marketing agency that specializes in breaking new ground for startup customers. He formerly worked for both Google and Facebook in Dublin, Ireland, and is a Mentor with the Microsoft Accelerator and Google Launchpad. Amit has an MSc from the London School of Economics and when not on Facebook "for work", loves reading and watching anything Sci-Fi.